A Mini-Series.

A local man takes it upon himself to find a serial child rapist and killer in the Dominican Republic.

David is a guy who is fed up with the drama of relationships and decides to be single for the rest of his life, but a girl that likes him is determine to change his mindset.

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A private taxi driver gets a call to pick up a woman who hires him for the whole day to make a couple of stops, implicating him in her dangerous job.


Un taxista privado recoje a una mujer en Santiago que lo contrata por el dia entero para ella ser un par de paradas..


Place Where Rocks Abound ( Completed DR Short)

Lure (Coming soon)

VR (Coming soon)

Maximum Contact (Coming soon)

New Yorkie (Coming soon)

2016 - 2017 new pROJECTS

(A mini-series)A Dominican Hitman is sent out to the Five Boroughs of New York City to eliminate the threat that has shaken a top secret company call The Elite.

(A short film) In the year 1519 on the island of Hispaniola, a Taíno Indian name Guarocuya is fed up with the Spaniards and flees to the mountains.

(A web series) A troubled and successful drug dealer becomes a special interest to his kingpin boss, but everything starts getting complicated for both of them when a Christian girl moves into their block.

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El Pilon y El Toleton  Videos.

Gamal raps two inspiration songs live.

An Original Web-series.

Two Girls. One City. No Clue.
‘What is Love?’ is a show about friendship, heartbreak and this crazy thing called life.

Based on true stories.
A therapist tries to help a group of sex addicts in his own home but the stories that he hears from this group makes him rethink his job.